We are Woolloomooloo.

We shear the finest Merino wool under the Aussie sun.
To create the world’s greatest shoe.

Digitally knitted for supreme softness, breathability and durability.
Whoever you are.
Whatever your style.
You’ll look – and feel – perfectly grand in Woolloomooloo.

Welcome to our corner of the world.

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    With the Suffolk, we've mastered the recipe for the ultimate everyday shoe. Slip-on, slip-off and go. It's as simple as that.

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    Australian Merino wool is both breathable and temperature/moisture regulating. Because of the natural structure of the fiber, moisture is absorbed directly and wicked-away from the skin. It then evaporates from the wool, causing less odor and creating the perfect environment for your foot.


    Woolloomooloo's are 100% machine washable. It’s actually a myth that wool can’t be washed…. And when it’s spun into a superfine thread and digitally knitted, washing is a breeze


    A misconception about wool is that it is only meant for colder climates. False! Merino wool’s ability to be spun into a superfine thread makes it possible to knit a super lightweight, breathable shoe that’s perfect in any climate. The end product is a shoe that is SO light, you can hardly believe you are wearing one.